<h3>Zeepio produces moving content for social media and web</h3>

Zeepio produces moving content for social media and web

The web has permanently altered the ways of expression as well as audiences. We think it’s great. Creating new types of narratives is only possible if we accept that the user culture has changed for good. We believe that if social media audiences want to hop from content to content and prefer short form, so be it. The narrative needs to reflect the web’s user culture.

We can form a solid body from the fragments. It is our mission to tell interesting stories and generate strong feelings –in terms of the web’s user culture. Join us for the the ride!

Emotions are at the core of narratives

Emotions are at the core of narratives

All important decisions are based on emotions, and emotional deficiency has been one of the biggest problems of the web. Online emotions tend to be primitive: sob stories, malice, online rage. They are difficult for marketing purposes. Moving image answers the marketing needs as it is grounded on identification and empathising.

Web Video Wall brings the narrative pieces together

Web Video Wall brings the narrative pieces together

Web Video Wall combines the pieces of the narrative on one page. The captions reveal the essential contents of the video and their durations are clearly marked. The videos have their own online existence, yet the whole Web Video Wall is more than the sum of its parts.

Web Video Wall is a social experience, ready for mobile

Web Video Wall is a social experience, ready for mobile

Each video opens up in its own lightbox, with social media share buttons in the footer. Shared links lead to this view. The whole Web Video Wall remains dimmed at the background. One click is enough to see more and explore the whole story.

<b><font color=#518D20 >Kiiski Walks:</font></b><br>How to sell socially?

Kiiski Walks:
How to sell socially?

Many things have changed in the era of social media, including sales. These days you must have a strong vision and be ready to share it. Often for free. How is it possible for a salesperson to gain from this? Mr Kiiski explains how it works. [Subtitles in English]

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE FINNPILOT</font></b><br>Beautiful Film Summary of Finnpilot’s Year 2016

Beautiful Film Summary of Finnpilot’s Year 2016

The beautiful and atmospheric film for the Finnpilot 2016 annual report was commissioned by the advertising agency ViaMaria.

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE LEEKO</font></b><br>Electric dreams - the music video

Electric dreams - the music video "Paralyzed in Paradise"

Marketing communications is often disciplined work. That’s why it’s important to sometimes experiment and create art. It develops expression and helps to see new possibilities. Talented LEEKO’s music video encompasses carefully designed layers and background narrative. We will be happy to tell you more about this.

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE QVANTEL</font></b><br>How to illustrate very abstract expertise?

How to illustrate very abstract expertise?

The problem today: pretty much everyone is an expert and we all work with computers. With Qvantel, we decided to show their people and the human interaction outside the office. The setup? Sailing. Because that’s what many of them really do, and because their headquarters is located next to the lakeshore. The version you see here was produced for Finnair’s International Flights. Or you can check out the Qvantel Web Video Wall

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE DURAT</font></b><br>From chopping plastic to high design

From chopping plastic to high design

Durat makes stunningly beautiful surfaces and design objects out of recycled plastic. The design objects are easy to film, of course, but material makes over half of the story. Our solution is a carefully balanced interplay between the industrial process that facilitates, the design solutions that they offer – and finally, what their clients really accomplish with their products. Or check out the Durat Web Video Wall

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE OMENA HOTELS</font></b><br>Ongoing publishing on social media channels

Ongoing publishing on social media channels

Omena hotels is a Finnish innovative chain of self-service hotels. Check out the Omena TV Youtube channel!
Since August 2016, we have produced dozens of videos for Omena hotels. The idea is to plan carefully, produce material cost-efficiently by shooting just a few days, and then publish the content weekly during the whole quartier. Rinse and repeat.

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE KOTIKUNNAS</font></b><br>Quality communication on sensitive issues

Quality communication on sensitive issues

Explore the Kotikunnas Web Video Wall!
Kotikunnas is a care home for elderly people suffering from memory disorders. Open yet respectful communication on such sensitive topics is challenging. It is essential to understand that there are many parties concerned and to consider everyone’s perspective. We dare say that with Kotikunnas we were successful.

<b><font color=#518D20 >Kiiski Walks:</font></b><br>What can we learn about marketing from a care home for the elderly?

Kiiski Walks:
What can we learn about marketing from a care home for the elderly?

There are many things worth seeing and showing at Kotikunnas, but busy everyday routines can take the focus off the communication. Communication is, however, important both for the residents and for the interest groups. Luckily Zeepio was able to help out, so communication possibilities worth thousands of euros could be seized! [Subtitles in English]

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE KAARINA HEALTH SERVICES</font></b><br>Communication leads the way to health and social care reform

Communication leads the way to health and social care reform

Explore the Kaarina Health Services Web Video Wall!
The Kaarina Health Services were quick to understand that with the forthcoming reform of the health and social care system, more comprehensive communication will be needed. They prepared for this with online videos that showcase their services.

<b><font color=#518D20 >Kiiski Walks:</font></b><br>Video communication for health care and social services sector

Kiiski Walks:
Video communication for health care and social services sector

The importance of communication increases during insecure times. Interest groups need to keep up to date about the services offered; to whom they are offered and on what terms. [Subtitles in English]

<b><font color=#D20054>CASE HELSINKI CONTEMPORARY</font></b><br>Presentation of the Flora-exhibition by Kati Immonen

Presentation of the Flora-exhibition by Kati Immonen

Artist Kati Immonen had seen our Portrait of Artist Sirpa Särkijärvi on the online publication IKITOMU, which resulted in us producing the presentation of the exhibition Flora at the Helsinki Contemporary gallery.

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